Ecological agriculture

logoThe company tries to bring into effect the ecological agriculture in the chosen areas of the Czech Republic (subsidiary company Ústav pro strukturální politiku v zemědělství, a.s.). We cultivate 2.500 hectares of the agricultural land on four certificated farms in the eco-agriculture-regime. The arable land makes up 900 hectares and on the rest land there are permanent grass areas. The main point is the production of the eco-milk (annual delivery reaches 3.000.000 litres of raw cow milk), then non-commercial dairy cattle breeding (especially Charolais race). We produce also bio-cereals, grains (fodder) for the feeding as well as cereals for the sake of food-processing industry and the seed of Cucurbita pepo. All the products are certificated as bio-products.



Ústav pro strukturální politiku v zemědělství, a.s.
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