About us

The AGRO - Měřín, a.s. is one of the leading agricultural companies in the Czech Republic cultivating 12.100 hectares of the agricultural land in the conventional and ecological mode.
                - 8.300 hectares in the area of Moravian Highlands,
                - around 2.950 hectares in the South Moravia,
                - around 760 hectares in the North Moravia.

There is of course an evident diversity of the production conditions – from clearly submontane or mountain regions (in the Moravian Highlands and in Jeseníky) to the corn area in the South Moravia.

The agricultural production includes above all cattle breeding (specialized dairy cows farming – Holstein and combined red-spotted cows) with the leading position in the dairy-production of the Czech Republic. A daily delivery is higher than 65.000 litres of milk and the average efficiency-level of 9.000 litres of milk is being reached. Also meat-breeding without commercial dairy-production is included.

Within the scope of the company pig breeding and professional game breeding, mainly moufflon and fallow deer is also included.