Specialized game breeding

Obora Chlumek

A certified game preserve CHLUMEK occupying around 105 hectares is situated in the Moravian Highlands (Českomoravská vrchovina) in the area of Žďár nad Sázavou near the D1 express highway (exit D1 - 134 km Měřín). In this game preserve it is allowed to hunt the mouflon, Sika Dybow deer and white-tailed deer.



It has already been hunted 23 gold, 15 silver and 11 bronze mouflons in the game preserve. The highest mouflon trophy is 252 CIC points (the third highest hunted mouflon in the Czech Republic and also in the world), the second highest mouflon trophy is 246 CIC points.


Concerning the fellow deer, it has already been hunted 7 gold ones, 6 silver ones and 10 bronze ones. The highest fellow-deer-trophy is 230,07 CIC points (the first biggest hunted fellow deer in the Czech Republic and the third biggest in the Europe), the second highest value of fellow-deer-trophy is 221,98 CIC points.


There is an accommodation possibility in a stylish log-house near the game preserve.

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